Tillga Glück

YYga and fitness are a must on holiday!

For mind and body.

Happiness has many faces. For some it's a wonderful hike outdoors, for others it's simply sitting somewhere, closing your eyes and paying attention to your breathing as the sun twinkles through the treetops. Some like to work out on the treadmill and weight bench early in the morning and are happy to have done something with their body, while others find their own personal balance during a chilled-out yoga session.



We offer free yoga sessions twice a week at the Tillga Glück, both for beginners and advanced practitioners, for young and old, for the athletic and the less fit. We'd definitely love to have you along to give it a try, because yoga is a great way to reduce stress and inner turmoil with little effort, all while promoting the body's flexibility. Come and join us!


If you prefer to shape and train your body on fitness equipment, our gym is the perfect place for you. Professional “Tunturi” equipment from Fitstore 24 in Lienz awaits you, with a sprint bike, treadmill and multi-rack power bench for a steel-hard upper body, clearly-defined arms and well-formed legs – as well as something for the eyes as the views of the Carnic Alps as you work out have their own special charm, whatever the weather and all day long!

Happiness truly takes many forms. So where will you find yours?