Sauna & infrared


Rest & relaxation pure

Let yourself go, feel the power of warmth and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation. Keep an eye on nature from the relaxation room and take your time - just to be. The Tillga Glück sauna and infrared world with panoramic relaxation room and access to the garden create the basis for pure well-being. The wellness showers provide refreshing cooling after a sauna session.

Sauna 80°C – 100°C

Take time out for a sauna and enjoy the dry heat of over 80 ° C with a recommended bath time of 8 to 15 minutes.

Saunas are not only great for warming up after a winter walk through the snow-covered landscape, they also strengthen the immune system and get the circulation going with the subsequent cooling.

Infrared cabin (27 – 37°C)

The deep heat of the infrared cabin relaxes the muscles - ideal after an active day in the mountains or cross-country skiing. Warmth is good for you and contributes to your well-being. With regular infrared use, the immune system is strengthened, blood circulation and metabolism are improved and tension is released.


Infrared armchairs and heated loungers

Relax in a healthy way in the infrared warmers from Physiotherm. Relax with a good book and enjoy the warmth of the individually adjustable infrared loungers.

Relaxation room & quiet room

Happiness begins where you forget the time…. In the relaxation room with a view of the Obertilliach mountains, this can happen after a relaxing sauna session. And if you do - here you can enjoy the luxury of having time.

Time & space for relaxation

Offers with that extra moment of happiness: