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Feel & relax with all your senses

Finally time for what is important to you. Family time. Time for real encounters. Time for yourself. In Tillga Glück at 1,450 m above sea level on vacation in East Tyrol it is as if someone had stopped the clock. Decelerated, authentic and down to earth.

Here in Obertilliach on the sunny plateau in the middle of the mountains, you are lucky enough to be able to do everything and not have to. Our luxury is rest. Holidays have not been so relaxed for a long time.

Immerse yourself in the comfortably warm water of our indoor pool, come to rest with relaxing saunas, enjoy the view of the mountains from the relaxation room and the sun terrace, and find yourself with yoga and fitness in Tillga happiness and experiences in nature East Tyrol.

Of course happy on vacation in East Tyrol

Happiness often lies in the simple things. Mindfulness helps us to grasp it. A walk in the forest with all your senses. The smell of fresh moss, the chirping of the birds, the gentle touch of the summer wind that blows through the cool forest and frees your breath. The taste of sweet, wild blueberries - picked by yourself.

The children's laughter during a snowball fight in winter that makes your heart open. A walk in the snowfall - dancing with the snowflakes.

All of this - and much more - awaits you at Tillga Glück

Immerse yourself & relax
Health is wealth
Recovery & relaxation

Set out on the path and explore nature in every season with its infinite variety and experience wonderful moments of happiness in Tillga Glück and the region.

Time for your relaxation

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