Moments of happiness

Authentic. Mindful. Sustainable

The subject of luck plays a special role for us ... we would like to briefly explain how that comes about: In December 2019 we, Kati and Hannes, acquired the property here. We were so happy about this conscious decision and wanted to share our happiness with our guests in the future. That is why we decided without further ado to name the hotel “Tillga Glück”. The name quickly became the program and the idea of ​​a perfect vacation grew within us - packed full of moments of happiness!

Infinite moments of happiness

The happiness that we talk about at Tillga Glück is a feeling that can be felt deep within yourself - a state of contentment and wellbeing. Those who are happy feel good and simply enjoy life. Sometimes stress and hectic pace hardly give us the space to pause and consciously experience moments in our everyday life. Happiness is often hidden in these little moments of everyday life: a warm conversation with the neighbor and the honest question: “How are you?” Happiness can be a good glass of wine at sunset or a view of the twinkling starry sky. There are endless moments of happiness - and they are all as varied and unique as we are!

Our idea of the perfect vacation

We make our ideas of a perfect vacation come alive for you.

The Tillga Glück is a house with a lot of history and tradition, which you can feel immediately when you come in through the former farmhouse. Together with a renowned team of architects from South Tyrol, we have developed a “living concept” for our apartments and suites, which reflects the region's tradition and values - from the architecture to the materials.


Sustainable lifestyle

For us, the concept of sustainability starts with the first step. We have followed this credo since the hotel was taken over. We make good use of what already exists and improve it with something new.

Our measures for mindfulness and sustainability:

  • We pay attention to regionality and source our products from regional farmers and producers wherever possible - e.g. for our East Tyrolean breakfast
  • We generate part of the electricity from the photovoltaic system on the roof of the hotel
  • Natural cosmetics in your room
  • car-free holiday (with underground parking space and free public transport ticket)
  • Innovative technologies enable cleaning (almost) without chemicals
  • We avoid plastic whenever we can
  • Mindfulness in dealing with resources, people and the region - for a harmonious coexistence between people and nature

We would like to invite you to consciously perceive these large and small moments of happiness here with us and to enjoy your vacation with all your senses.

Your Ganner family

"satisfaction is happiness"